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Voltrageous: First of All (premiere)
Our story begins with an interview with me. Behind me, there is a backdrop of the Austin city skyline.
"I should be having lunch right now so let's hurry this shit up," I said. I then resumed, "From 2011 to 2012, I invited celebrities to interview on my very own talk show. I never thought that five years later I would be the one interviewed myself."
The camera now turns to Ricardo, who is seated right next to me.
"You thought you'd never see me again. Five years ago, I failed. My success diminished and suddenly I was a nobody. Just a commoner. But today, the man you see before you is making his name known to the whole world once again. That name is, Ricardo," said Ric.
"I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my... friend, Ricardo. Or Ric, if you choose to call him that," I said.
"Rodolfo, or Rod, would never have been the guy I would come to terms with years ago. Overtime, we set our differences aside and ceased our feuding. We've become more ag
:iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 1 10
Voltrageous: First of All title card by LightningRod728 Voltrageous: First of All title card :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 3 4
Voltrageous Trailer
This July

(The Austin City skyline is shown while the sound of screeching tires is heard in the city. A car wildly drives through the streets, taking very sharp turns, as it arrives at a garage downtown, coming to a screeching halt. Out from the passenger door steps Ricardo and Jared from the driver door. Ric gives Jared a bad look for his reckless driving before the two enter the garage. Inside are Rafael and I waiting for them. Ric and Jared come over and I set a steel case on the table then open it, showing it's contents to Ric who looks at it before we exchange glances while Jared and Rafael look on.)
Two Bitter Rivals

(an empty set from "Chat Blast" is shown, now old and abandoned)
Ricardo: (voiceover) Nobody surpasses me!
Me: (voiceover) I just did!
Adversaries From the Start
(we now see the city in ruins after the final battle in "The Unleashers" with nobody around)
Me: (voiceover) We feuded together, we competed together, then we foug
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Psycho by LightningRod728 Psycho :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 3 2 Riff Raff by LightningRod728 Riff Raff :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 3 1 Collaboration Sensation by LightningRod728 Collaboration Sensation :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 6 2 July 2017 Teaser by LightningRod728 July 2017 Teaser :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 4 6 Scuba Dooby Doo by LightningRod728 Scuba Dooby Doo :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 76 25 JUMP: Triad of Demise by LightningRod728 JUMP: Triad of Demise :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 11 15 Cover Blown on Cirra by LightningRod728 Cover Blown on Cirra :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 33 16 Myles Kombat by LightningRod728 Myles Kombat :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 6 4 Venisha and Princess Pinkseed by LightningRod728 Venisha and Princess Pinkseed :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 16 9
Vic and Crow ep 33 (WWE Special) 2/2
It was determined who would face off against who in the Galactic Smackdown. The following matches were decided:
Rey MysterIso vs. Big Bang Show
Vic Flair vs. Mars Henry
Breaker T. vs. The Hardy Boyz
The Overkiller vs. Sector Rollins

One of the announcers declared,
"It's going to be a good show tonight. I can feel it!"
The other added,
"The matches have been decided. It's a battle of the veterans against the newcomers. This should be interesting."
"Good thing we weren't paired against each other. We'd have to eliminate ourselves," Breaker thought.
"Looks like you're up first, Iso," said Vic.
"Why not? At least I get to show these brutes how to truly fight with honor," said Iso.
"Our first match of the evening, the masked mystery from the planet of Neuron, Rey MysterIso!"
Iso flipped into ring, diving down onto the mat.
"His opponent, at 7 ft tall weighing in at 450 lbs, hailing from what is theorized to be the oldest living species in the universe, here comes Big Bang Show!"
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Robot Royale by LightningRod728 Robot Royale :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 11 6 Sumo Smash Sisters Bawl by LightningRod728 Sumo Smash Sisters Bawl :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 71 5 Nasty Karma by LightningRod728 Nasty Karma :iconlightningrod728:LightningRod728 15 8


The Name's Skipper by Zinka17 The Name's Skipper :iconzinka17:Zinka17 154 43 Guardians of the Mysteries by MarcellSalek-26 Guardians of the Mysteries :iconmarcellsalek-26:MarcellSalek-26 22 5 Lost in Thoughts, yet not Alone by mHeide Lost in Thoughts, yet not Alone :iconmheide:mHeide 12 0 Male Primarina Love by SinfulNebula Male Primarina Love :iconsinfulnebula:SinfulNebula 20 1 Kommo-o - STAMP by YtFantasy Kommo-o - STAMP :iconytfantasy:YtFantasy 21 1 Pokemon - Popplio by pvnkishstamps Pokemon - Popplio :iconpvnkishstamps:pvnkishstamps 19 0 --- ULTRA --- by SpinoOne --- ULTRA --- :iconspinoone:SpinoOne 284 87 F*ck You, Mimikyu! by MC-Ash-Tray
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F*ck You, Mimikyu! :iconmc-ash-tray:MC-Ash-Tray 16 58
Aegislash Fan Button by Wildcat1999 Aegislash Fan Button :iconwildcat1999:Wildcat1999 10 0 Primarina Fan Button by EclipsaButterfly Primarina Fan Button :iconeclipsabutterfly:EclipsaButterfly 72 6
9th Anniversary Special: The Andy 500 Finale
The Andy 500 was back from its little intermission.
"We now return to the Andy 500. We are so sorry for that little delay there, but we are now back and ready to see the results of our previous race before going to commercial," Lisia announced.
"Come on, show me having won that race," said Anthony.
"Please please please," Emily chanted.
"Here it comes," I said.
The image developed and came up and zoomed in on the wheels touching the finishing line on Phantom Road. First was me and second was Emily. Anthony was just a hair behind us and too late to save himself.
"We won!" Emily cheered.
"WHAT?!" Anthony yelled shocked.
1. Me
2. Emily
3. Anthony
"Anthony Morrision, welcome to the bronze section!" said Lisia.
"I can't believe this! This isn't over! You'll see!" Anthony swore.
He went up to the bleachers with all the other 97 racers who were eliminated. Now, it was just me and my daughter.
"And then there were two. Dandy Andy and his daughter Emily. Let's see which one of them will
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 6 62
9th Anniversary Special: The Andy 500 Part 6
It was getting awfully quiet on the roads with the grand prix now down to just 10 of us.
"Well, guys, this is it. I'm in the Top 10. And I am just about that moment where I think I can finally feel the rush again," I told my crew.
"Keep it up, dude!" said Soos.
"You're really going all out, aren't you?" Rosalina asked.
"Don't forget, Dad, I might sneak up on you," said Emily.
"That's what I like to hear, kiddo. Real chip off the old block," I told her.
Anthony could see that he wasn't going to have to hold back anymore if he wanted to win and prove he was superior.
"This is where I give you everything I have now, Mantynen," he said.
Marcus was talking to his classmates from the academy who got wiped out.
"I have to admit, I never thought I'd get this far," said Marcus.
"And you didn't even use your amulet," said Rachel. "Very mature."
"Hey, I don't want anything crazy happening thanks to it," said Marcus.
Theresa was the only one of my DA friends left in the race. The others were watch
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 7 18
9th Anniversary Special: The Andy 500 Part 5
Things were really getting intense for the remainder of the roster.
"You know, I never thought I'd get this far. I thought I'd be out by now," Leni admitted.
"Knowing your lack of brain power, I wonder why myself," Pacifica pointed.
"Hey, there's more to my head than just air, you know!" said Leni.
"Well, Leni, it is literally a surprise, but it's good to see you and I are still in this," said Lori.
"Thanks, sis," said Leni.
My four remaining friends were also looking at what they had going for them.
"A lot of these racers have really been giving us a run for our money," said Connor.
"Yeah. And I hope I can take it all the way. If not, I'll be fine with that," said Myles.
"I guess we'll find out what happens from here on out," said Theresa.
Rod stretched a bit and was thinking.
"I don't really mind what happens with me. To be honest, I think you guys would be more deserving of it than me. But that's just me," said Rod.
"You sure, Rod?" Myles asked.
"Hey, anything goes and I don't think
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 7 31
9th Anniversary Special: The Andy 500 Part 4
Half of the roster has been removed from the Grand Prix. It looked like it would be anyone's race at this point. I was really starting to get that rush again.
"Wow! Half the roster's gone and I'm really starting to get all pumped after so long!" I said.
"Looks like somebody's starting to get the need for speed again," said Alexis.
"Oh, you know it. If I keep this up, 3rd Wheel will have more to him than as a superhero persona of mine," I stated.
"Keep it going, dad," said Emily.
My friends who were still in the race were going over their thoughts on the prix.
"Did you see the way some of the racers exploded when they lost?" Ruben asked.
"It's insane," said WTI.
"Well, if I don't make it all the way, and I don't think I will, I won't make a mountain out of that," said Rod.
"Very gracious of you there, Rod," said Theresa.
"It can be hard to accept defeat, but I'll do my best and leave with my head held high," said Myles.
Meanwhile, Pacifica was looking over at the one boy in this whole t
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 6 19
9th Anniversary Special: The Andy 500 Part 3
With one quarter of the racers eliminated, it was now starting to seem like a real competition with the remaining racers.
"Just think of it, guys. 25 racers gone, and there's no telling exactly how this is gonna go down," I told my crew.
"Dude, this is gonna get so intense from here on out," said Soos.
"And think of how much more challenging the courses are gonna get," said Emily.
"Anything to get that adrenaline rush going, huh, Andy?" Alexis asked.
"You said it," I told them.
Some of the racers saw how they did in the previous races.
"Gee, I haven't been doing so good here. The last race was my best one," said Donkey Kong.
"Well, just remember. It doesn't matter what you place in the race, so long as it's not in the bottom number," Isaac reminded him.
"Besides, isn't this fun?" Theresa asked.
"Yeah, but I'm just worried about who could win," said DK.
"Why? This is a no holds barred race. There's practically no cheating," said Ruben.
"Only way to cheat is to take illegal shortcuts," s
:icondandyandy1989:DandyAndy1989 9 24
Donkey bitch ass by SeiandAoba Donkey bitch ass :iconseiandaoba:SeiandAoba 3 2
EDIT: That's all folks! Slots have been filled!

Oh why not? It is the season of giving after all. And besides, it's been since fire was discovered that I last accepted art trades and commissions. And for this occasion only, I will allow even those who commissioned me the last time to get in on this since it's been so long. So everyone's available to ask me. Think of it as me giving thanks. So here it is, that time again! The time where you ask me for a drawing, offer me points, I draw it, and present it to you!

Of course, let's not forget the rules here. See my donation pool for the guidelines. Prices for commissions are below. There is also the option to partake in an art trade if you're short on points. I have 8 slots available so GTFIH if you'd like to get in on point commissions or art trades.

40 :points: for up to three characters
10 :points: extra if the amount exceeds three.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. :icondandyandy1989: PC :iconcheckmarkplz:
2. :iconbrainiacadam: AT :iconcheckmarkplz:
3. CLASSIFIED :iconcheckmarkplz:
4. :iconsergy92: AT :iconcheckmarkplz:
5. :icondimensional-expander: PC :iconcheckmarkplz:
6. :iconmontyclan: PC
7. :iconmylesterlucky7: AT
8. :iconkinggusjr: PC
Extra: :iconbrigadierdarman: PC
Extra: :iconcenturion1337: PC

Comment here and tell me whether you'd like a commission or an art trade and we can discuss things here or through notes if you prefer.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. And it just might be forever till the next I'm accepting these things again. And let's all be polite to everyone here too. So come holler at yo boy!

Thanks for stopping by and don't trip on the way out.
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LightningRod728 has started a donation pool!
1,107 / 2,396

I ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm Commissions 4 points by KillboxGraphics


1 :points: Llama Badge
20 :points: Lineart (no coloring or background)
40 :points: Drawing with coloring and maximum of three characters. Background included if you want it.

10 :points: extra for each additional character if the amount exceeds three.


:bulletblue: Prices may change at any time.
:bulletblue: I'm very picky about what I accept.
:bulletblue: There's no exact limit to the amount of characters that can be in a commission but please don't ask for a bazillion characters.
:bulletblue: You have to be on good terms with me if you want a point commission. I won't do them for just anyone. FRIENDS ONLY! Or at least be very respectful.
:bulletblue: I won't draw anything I find too disturbing, racist, offensive or targets a specific group or person.
:bulletblue: I accept OCs but I will not accept them if they're basic recolors or are stolen. Those aren't original at all.
:bulletblue: I will NOT accept comics or sequences as those are very time-consuming. Plus they'd be very expensive for you as that would include several characters altogether. So please don't ask for those.
:bulletblue: Point commissions may be closed so I don't get too flooded in them. I have some of my own drawings to get done too.
:bulletblue: If I receive a payment while point commissions are closed, then I'll have to refund your points.
:bulletblue: Don't rush or continuously ask me about how commissions are coming. I'll get to them when I can.
:bulletblue: DON'T WHINE OR BEG TO ME! I hate whiners.
:bulletblue: You can note me what you would like but please do not spam or flood me by sending more than one note at a time. I'll reply to your note eventually. Please be patient.
:bulletblue: If commissions are closed, please do not note me of what you want before I reopen them. We can discuss things when I reopen commissions. NOT BEFORE.This is to prevent my note inbox from being flooded and so no one will have an unfair advantage by receiving spot reservations. Plus it's hard for me to keep up with everything if we discuss it in advance. Notes sent in advance WILL BE IGNORE.

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Shaggy does indeed make a really good Groot.
BrigadierDarman Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I could image he'd say "Zoinks" in place of "I am Groot". :D Funniest thing about this, Scooby as Rocket. Second funniest, Velma as Drax.
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner 6 days ago   Digital Artist
Velma looks kind of unsettling but I guess there was no other choice for her left.
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I'm kinda surprised this idea never happened in the anime, at least not to my knowledge. xxtuff-pegasisterxx.deviantart…
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017   Digital Artist
Not the Rocket Grunt uniforms but Ash, Misty, and Brock did appear in Jesse and James's outfits in one episode where Ditto debuted where they mocked the Team Rocket motto.
BrigadierDarman Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017
I'll have to look up that one. :D
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017   Digital Artist…

And it's not shown in this clip but after they mock the team, James says that if they're going to mock them to at least do it right because Duplica said "ignite all people" when it's "unite all people."
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SwordSparks Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude. You were right.

Burritos are food of the gods.
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So you've given the little donkeys a taste. Burrito is Spanish for "little donkey."
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Huh, you don't say. 
BrigadierDarman Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
I found this most amusing.…
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017   Digital Artist
You know something? I never really thought of Po Town as another trial. It does make sense considering the barricade, the tasks you have to do, and you get a Z-Crystal at the end of it.
BrigadierDarman Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
I know, right? And they brought up some other valid points about the other Teams.
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017   Digital Artist
Well I don't know about Skull being the only ones with real motivation because they're not setting out to prove anything. They're just troublemakers whose only purpose is to get in the way of the player and distract them from the real villain. And I think the reason Lusamine was interested in Guzma is because of his resemblance to Xurkitree.
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BrigadierDarman Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
You see the teaser for Black Panther?
LightningRod728 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017   Digital Artist
I didn't even know there was one. In fact, I forgot that Black Panther was coming.
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